Product Showcase

    A one-day workshop which focuses on increasing understanding of customer service elements
  2. AtWork Manager®
    AtWork Manager ® is a web based application for the management of injuries, illness and absence in the workplace, focusing on the return to work process.
  3. Voices Into Choices
    Voices into Choices: Acting on the Voice of the Customer is the only handbook that gives you a proven and highly effective method for acting on the voice of the customer.
  4. Online Service
    We envision an on-line, up-front query system in which the primary and secondary payers will be determined at or before the time that the care is provided, thus eliminating the need for after-the fact attempts to match data across various databases, or the continuation of the Medicare Data Bank
  5. Patient Advocacy
    Intracorp's patient advocacy programs provide telephonic and online access to information and guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  6. Enterprise Edition
    An important distinction between Benelogic and traditional software development firms is that we understand the complexities of online enrollment.
  7. Wolfe Computer Operator Aptitude Test
    To evaluate the aptitude of computer operators of all experience levels
  8. Medical and Disability Management Software Tools
    The Assessment Reference Tool (ART) and Clinical Guidelines Tool (CGT) are designed to help claims and managed care professionals internally manage
  9. 1998 Owner & Producer Compensation Survey
    Are you offering an attractive compensation package in comparison to your competition
  10. Controller Staff Selector
    To evaluate the bookkeeping, analytical reasoning and