Product Showcase

  1. Eclipse BR Software Solutions
    Today's Risk Manager is under pressure to cut costs as well as manage claims. ECLIPSE BR has the most comprehensive rule validation logic in the industry to ensure dramatic cost savings above and beyond simple fee schedule application.
  2. CD-ROM based tests for Microsoft Office and other clerical & admin skills by Skill Check
    The pc-based tests offer you all of the benefits of a fully integrated
  3. Plan Structure, Contract Language, HIPAA Compliance
    Our goal is to help all parties in healthcare finance avoid large budget commitments on systems that do not execute automated COB testing - systems that are likely to be thrown away under HIPAA.
  4. The Team Handbook Second Edition Power Point Slides
    High-performing teams can only exist when they revel in discovery, battle well, grow together, and live their purpose
  5. Guiding Successful Six Sigma Projects
    Managers are no longer the only ones responsible for seeing that work is done right and done well
  6. Eclipse P&C Software Solutions
    ECLIPSE P&C is designed specifically to manage property and casualty risk management lines, including (but not limited to) property damage, commercial auto, general liability, and medical malpractice.
  7. Eligibility Webfile
    A Plan Sponsor or TPA can use our electronic eligibility file to accomplish that task, and get rid of the paper enrollment card, and set up the files necessary to coordinate benefits, all at once!
  8. PERMS Millennium
    Improve Employee Satisfaction by Reducing HR Expenses
    PERMS defines value in human resources by automating all critical HR related activities
  9. Combined Executive Assessment for Development:
    Personality Tests from Hogan Assessment Systems
    360 Feedback Surveys from Clark Wilson Group

    Helps individuals understand their motivations, skills and opportunities
  10. Programmer Analyst Aptitude Test
    This test is for both entry-level and experienced candidates