Product Showcase

  1. Credit Reports
    A Credit Report is ideal for candidates handling money or inventory. Mismanagement of personal finances could indicate irresponsibility and questionable security.
  2. Criminal History Records
    Our extensive criminal record history reports are compiled from information obtained through actual on-site searches from our network of proprietary courthouse record researchers. In addition to state and county criminal records, we also provide federal, foreign and international criminal records.
  3. Workers Compensation Records
    A worker’s compensation history investigation shows prior claims that may alert you to a candidate’s tendency to file frequent, abusive, or even fraudulent claims.
  4. Educational Verification
    Alliant helps to ensure your applicants have the proper training. Our educational verifications identify the validity of the educational information supplied to you by the applicant.
  5. Licensing Verifications
    It is imperative to know if a new employee has achieved or holds a current professional license. Alliant checks the individual’s credentials to protect you from liability.
  6. Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
    This report is ideal for positions requiring the use of a motor vehicle. In many states, DUI and DWI convictions are not part of the criminal court or conviction records.
  7. On-Site Drug Screen Devices
    Alliant Diagnostics’ On-Site Drug Screens utilize the same technology that laboratories use. Similar to the laboratories initial screening process the tests utilize enzyme immune assays to detect the use of illicit drugs in a urine specimen.
  8. Drug Abuse Testing
    Alliant Diagnostics provides third party administration services for several of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the United States including LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics.
  9. Background Investigation
    Alliant Diagnostics provides extensive employment screening programs to assist you in hiring the most qualified applicants.
  10. TopDollar
    Published quarterly, TopDollar features practical tips covering the whole gamut of personal finance issues: saving more, spending less, paying taxes, getting loans and more.