1. Free Monthly Newsletter - 'CompEraser'
    Each Monthly Issue Contains Exclusive "Insider Tips" You Must Know To Slash The TOTAL Cost Of Your Worker Injury Claims.
  2. Sample Investigative Report
    Full Sample Background Check Report from Background Bureau
  3. Why Do Employers Have A Drug Free Workplace Policy?
    Workplace alcohol, tobacco and other drug related problems cost U.S. companies more than 102 billion each year in lost productivity, accidents, employee turnover, increased healthcare costs, absenteeism and workers’ compensation claims.
  4. National Search
    The largest national criminal database available with over 127 million records from 38 states currently online.
  5. Perfect Software Supports Leading Mortgage Banking Firm with their HRIS and BPM Solutions
    Norwalk, CT. --- (September 10, 2003)--- PerfectSoftware a leading provider of Human Resource Information Systems, releases Case Study
  6. Alcohol Saliva Test
    The alcohol screen is a one-step rapid test that utilizes a highly sensitive method to detect alcohol presence. The tests are available in a semi quantitative or qualitative approximation of blood alcohol levels.
  7. Adulterant Testing
    Adulterant testing detects substances (either added to the urine specimen or ingested) that are promoted as “cleansing agents” to prevent the detection of drug use.
  8. Drug Test Panels
    In addition to the standard NIDA (National Institute Drug Administration) panel, Alliant Diagnostics offers a variety of test panels and cut off levels, which can be combined with adulterant testing and MRO (Medical Review).
  9. Credit Reports
    A Credit Report is ideal for candidates handling money or inventory. Mismanagement of personal finances could indicate irresponsibility and questionable security.
  10. Criminal History Records
    Our extensive criminal record history reports are compiled from information obtained through actual on-site searches from our network of proprietary courthouse record researchers. In addition to state and county criminal records, we also provide federal, foreign and international criminal records.