Innovating Public Sector Recruitment
May 16 - 17, 2018 - Canberra AU

Criterion Conferences
Phone: 0292395701

The challenge to attract and maintain a highly skilled and diverse workforce is integral to the performance of the APS. In light of the shortcomings noted in the 2016 Unlocking the Potential review, it is more crucial than ever to break down silo culture and collaborate and share best practice. The Innovating Public Sector Recruitment conference will bring together pockets of best-practice from across the APS to stimulate discussion and innovative thinking. Hear key insights on key issues - Engaging And attracting the correct candidate - Streamlining processes within APS realities - Embedding diversity into your recruitment practice - Enhancing the prospective employee journey Who will attend? Federal and State Departments And Agencies, Local Government Departments and Universities with titles of: - Recruitment - Recruitment Strategy - Attraction - Talent Acquisition - Human Resources - Diversity

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