Business Disability Forum Conference 2018
April 18, 2018 - London UK

Business Disability Forum
Phone: 02074033020

The workplace is changing. Long gone are the days of clocking on and off, nine to five in the office, factory or shop floor and retiring at 60. Today, work continues 24 hours a day across the globe. Technology means that some work can be done from home, while commuting or from the other side of the world. Join the discussion on The future of work - where will it be done, using what device and technology and what will the modern workplace look like? Most importantly, what do current and future developments mean for disabled employees? Identity and multi-generational working - Keeping pace with technological developments is a challenge for any employer or employee. We will explore the challenges of data monitoring when identity, particularly for younger employees is fluid and ageing employees in the workforce are reluctant to identify as disabled. The modern workplace becoming a global workplace - Hear about what other countries and companies who operate internationally are doing in the disability space. Technology - Bring your phone, tablet or laptop along and let our experts show you built-in accessibility features that you might never have known about that will help everyone, regardless of disability, to work smarter. The workplace is changing and this affects all of us, so join us on 18 April 2018 to learn more about best practice when navigating these changes, ensuring that those crucial gains made for disability inclusion over the last 25 years are preserved and built upon.

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