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zvoove Expands Footprint In Europe With Acquisition Of Leading External Workforce Management Player In France, DirectSkills

Lohne and Paris /PRNewswire/ - zvoove, the leading provider of digitalization solutions for the temporary staffing and cleaning services industries in Europe, has announced its acquisition of DirectSkills, a leading provider of External Workforce Management solutions for the French temporary staffing industry. This marks zvoove's first strategic acquisition in France, solidifying its position as the dominant force in the temporary staffing industry across Europe.

zvoove has established itself as the leader in the temp staffing markets in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, offering unparalleled SaaS and AI-based digitalization solutions and services to their clients: temporary staffing agencies and corporate customers. With the acquisition of DirectSkills, zvoove is extending its reach into the French market, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive staffing solutions throughout Europe.

CEO of zvoove, Oliver Muhr, commented on the acquisition, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome DirectSkills to zvoove. This strategic move aligns with our vision of expanding our presence in key European markets. DirectSkills brings invaluable expertise, boasting an unrivalled market presence in France by connecting with 99% of all French temporary employment agencies and facilitating over €3bn invoice volume on its platform. With DirectSkills' credentials and our shared commitment to digitizing the temp staffing industry, we are poised to deliver even greater value to our clients and drive innovation across the temp staffing ecosystem."

The French temporary staffing market ranks among the largest in Europe and shows consistent growth. With their solutions, DirectSkills' customers – including Auchan, Daher, Eiffage, GEODIS, and STEF, some of Europe's most prestigious companies – manage around 300,000 temporary workers annually and process approximately €2 billion in payroll through DirectSkills' platform. DirectSkills' software solution, predicated on its self-billing and self-invoicing functionalities, digitizes and automizes key processes between corporate customers and their temporary staffing suppliers.

DirectSkills views this acquisition as a catalyst for growth and market expansion. CEO and Founder, Francois Chauvin, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with zvoove, saying, "Becoming a part of zvoove represents a significant opportunity for us to accelerate our growth and enhance our service offerings. We believe that partnering with the number one software vendor in the temporary staffing market in Europe will enable us to reach new heights and deliver exceptional value to our clients, within France and beyond."

The acquisition reflects zvoove's strategic vision to strengthen its position as a prominent player in the French market while providing DirectSkills with the resources and support needed to fuel its growth ambitions. This strategic move once again reaffirms zvoove's commitment to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled solutions to the global temporary staffing industry.

About zvoove
zvoove is the market-leading provider of cloud solutions for temporary staffing and cleaning service providers in Europe. In a dynamic ecosystem of temporary staffing agencies, temporary workers, and corporates, zvoove digitizes and optimizes processes for more efficiency and competitive advantages. Through end-to-end digitalization for service providers, more job offers and career opportunities for employees and reliable workforce for corporates zvoove improves the world of work. Around 5,500 customers trust in zvoove. Today, they manage over 2.3m workers, EUR 16 bn in annual payroll and about two million applications per year via zvoove's platforms. zvoove employs more than 600 employees at 17 locations across Europe.

About DirectSkills
DirectSkills is the leading VMS provider in France, offering unparalleled capabilities for corporates to effectively manage their temporary workforce. By eliminating invoicing and contracting errors, ensuring regulatory compliance, and significantly reducing administrative burdens, DirectSkills empowers clients to focus on their core operations. With over 300 customers and 90,000 end users placing their trust in DirectSkills, the company oversees EUR 3bn in annual invoicing.

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