Datasheet | July 2, 2009

Solution Overview: Reflexis Enterprise Learning System™

Source: Reflexis Systems, Inc.

The Reflexis Enterprise Learning System enables companies to shift from paper- to PDA-based training and increase employee proficiency while reducing costs. Company documents, graphics, and short videos can be easily "digitized" and sent to the workforce. Reflexis solutions enable companies to ensure delivery of product and business information to employees in the field. Employee skill levels can be monitored and improved using forms-based surveys and questionnaires. By sending information directly to handheld devices, companies eliminate the printing, travel, and administrative costs associated with traditional classroom learning.

Reflexis enables companies to improve the technical competence and product knowledge of a distributed workforce. Employees can access hardware and application troubleshooting guides from Help Menus directly on their PDAs. By providing self-service help to employees at the point of use, companies can cut down on help desk support calls and improve productivity.