News | January 12, 2016

Wellocity® Brings Coaching And Social Networks Together For Wellness Programs

Unparalleled reach and flexibility of social networks allow coaches to increase and sustain employee engagement.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) - Wellocity, a San Jose based provider of corporate wellness solutions, today announced an innovative platform to bring coaches and wellness programs together by allowing both to work smarter and achieve better outcomes at a lower cost.

We believe the Wellocity platform is an untapped strategy that can significantly increase the reach and revenue for coaches while making their expertise more affordable and accessible to both individual employees and teams in wellness programs in companies of all sizes.

“Social networks allow for immediate communication, massive outreach, and widespread viewpoints. These are three components Wellocity brings to wellness programs,” said Sameer Kanagala, founder and CEO of Wellocity. “By adding coaching we provide tools for employees to be successful in their physical and emotional health goals while bringing new opportunities to wellness coaches.”

With Wellocity, coaches learn about the needs and desires of the workplace and create challenges, goals, and strategies to address barriers that could stand in the way of success. To help employees achieve their health goals coaches can develop a curriculum with riveting short statements or thought-provoking questions, with a link to an article, video, magazine, or professional journal.

“I partnered with Wellocity because our goals align: To improve employee health and wellness. As a successful health coach, Wellocity’s comprehensive platform allows me to facilitate positive and sustainable lifestyle changes with much greater magnitude.” Said Michelle Sugiyama, National Speaker, Nutritional Chef, & Certified Dr. Sears Health Coach at Mindful Eating“ The new online technology from Wellocity gives me unparalleled reach and flexibility to effectively enhance employee wellness.”

To engage employees on their path the optimal health Wellocity will partner with coaches across the wellness spectrum to provide the best possible options. The most common coaching topics include: nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being, and financial wellness.

Wellocity offers flexible coaching options with both real-time and scheduled content by using social media management tools. This allows coaches the flexibility to create content on their own schedule and specify the delivery times and cadence thus creating a sustained coaching campaign.

About Wellocity
Wellocity is an innovative corporate wellness platform that delivers the benefits of a happy and healthy workforce. We enrich employees' lives through improved health and wellness by offering flexibility for employers to promote health behaviors, improve health knowledge, and lower healthcare costs.

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