News | March 6, 2023

Transamerica Elevates Employee Benefits Experience Through Automation And Predictive Analytics

Baltimore, MD /PRNewswire/ - Transamerica announced today the introduction of ConnectedClaims SM, a suite of customizable services that makes it easier for employees to access their workplace supplemental insurance benefits. ConnectedClaims offers an automated and personal claims experience to help take the stress and guesswork out of filing a claim.

"Even employees who prepare for the unexpected can find it challenging to deal with claims when medical events occur," said Phil Eckman, President of Workplace Solutions for Transamerica. "With ConnectedClaims, we guide customers through the claims process and help them access the benefits they deserve however they prefer. At Transamerica, we continually look for ways to provide convenient and compassionate services when customers count on us most."

ConnectedClaims helps connect workers to their benefits with seven distinct pillars that simplify and speed up the claims experience:

  1. A newly created Customer Experience Team is solely dedicated to providing superior claims experience. With Transamerica's Closed Loop Feedback program, we proactively reach out to customers who may have a concern to help resolve the issue.
  2. Automated Wellness Claims Decisions generates a claims acknowledgment letter within 24 hours. Transamerica processes 80 percent of wellness claims on the same day and 93 percent are processed by day two.
  3. Employers can offer ClaimsMinderSM with certain insurance policies to remind employees of their benefits. Reminders are triggered by healthcare information reported through secure data provided by their primary medical insurance. If workers opt in, ClaimsMinder will remind them to file a claim.
  4. Simple Claims Portal offers a simple, step-by-step claims initiation experience. The portal allows workers to file a claim, save their progress if they need more time or documentation, and come back to complete it later. Workers may also check their claim status and set up their accounts for direct deposit.
  5. Paperless claims allow workers to file claims digitally and workers can upload documentation online. Providing this digital and paperless claims experience results in faster filings, fewer hassles, and less wasted paper, so the worker can be back on their feet financially and get the full value of the workplace benefits.
  6. Claims integration across insurance policies where Transamerica automatically checks to see if the worker has other policies with us that may qualify for added benefits and starts a claim on that policy. For example, an accident claim may trigger a benefit from the workers' hospital indemnity policy.
  7. Predictive analytics use modeling and data science to better anticipate needed care and automate approval of other eligible benefits. For example, Transamerica found the common need for a follow-up orthopedics visit after filing a claim for broken limb treatment, so we now proactively pay the benefit without needing a separate claim submission.

"Employee satisfaction is our top goal with ConnectedClaims because claims are at the core of everything we offer with our supplemental employee benefits," said Mr. Eckman. "We want insurance benefits to be exceptionally accessible, and ConnectedClaims helps strengthen the process and improve the overall claims experience."

With 90 years of experience providing employee benefits, Transamerica is committed to helping employers offer more financial security for their employees.

Employers may contact their financial professionals to learn more about Transamerica's suite of employee benefit solutions.

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