News | November 17, 2019

Time Clock Wizard Announces Its New Full-Service Payroll Solution

New York, NY (PRWEB) - Online time tracking pioneer Time Clock Wizard is rolling out a new full-service payroll solution called Paycheck Wizard. Here’s a summary of what clients can expect from the pairing:

  • The two services are fully integrated, and this means that clients will be able to set up the Time Clock Wizard platform to export their payroll information to Paycheck Wizard automatically.
  • After that, Paycheck Wizard will generate employee paychecks or make direct deposits without any extra effort on the client end.
  • Companies who sign up with Paycheck Wizard will receive a free one-year subscription to TCW’s time tracking software.
  • Time Clock Wizard executives think the new payroll service is a natural next step in the evolution of their company.

Time Clock Wizard is excited to announce a new full-service managed payroll service that will allow clients to pay its employees directly from within the TCW software. The new service also has several additional features, all of which are intended to give clients access to a variety of DIY Human Resources tools.

“Time Clock Wizard’s mission has always been to take the most time-consuming parts of employee management out of our clients’ hands,” says TCW Vice President Marshall Golub. “Paycheck Wizard expands on this original mission by letting clients pay their staff accurately with the click of a button.”

Paycheck Wizard also gives companies the ability to generate paychecks from remote locations and guarantees compliance with applicable tax laws. Its additional features include help with HR tasks like employee screening, retirement plans, and health insurance plans.

A Natural Extension
Time Clock Wizard has been a leader in the online time tracking industry. It has also provided clients with scheduling and other employee management solutions. Time Clock Wizard is trusted by over 100,000 businesses and loved by 1 million+ employees according to its website. Its client roster includes highly visible companies like T-Mobile, Century 21, Remax, and others.

Melissa Ruy, Vice-President of Marketing for Paycheck Wizard, anticipates that the new service will create substantial growth opportunities for Time Clock Wizard and its clients both. “Paycheck Wizard is the logical next step in the evolution of Time Clock Wizard’s already existing services,” Ruy says. “It will make Time Clock Wizard that much more appealing to potential clients and let executives spend even more time on tasks that contribute to their company’s growth.”

About Time Clock Wizard
Time Clock Wizard already provides many key services to its clients. These include employee time tracking, easy scheduling, timesheet reports, and employee expense reimbursement. It has also long been known for the simplicity of its interface and its ability to provide high-quality services across industry lines.

What to Expect From Paycheck Wizard
Paycheck Wizard should prove to be value-adding in several ways. First, it completely automates the payroll process. It also generates payroll reports that can give clients a wide-angle view of labor costs from any perspective.

Paycheck Wizard offers additional features that make it a comprehensive HR solution. These include many HR apps and tools, as well as workers’ comp administrative capabilities. Lastly, it allows for employee self-service, enabling staff members receive wage advances without involving company management.

Paycheck Wizard’s services simplify many complex tasks and pairs with Time Clock Wizard to put a human resource management system in the palm of company executives’ hands.

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