News | July 5, 2017

The Importance Of HR Tech Is Increasing In Latin America, GOintegro Survey Finds

The Latin American market for Human Resource technology is booming. Results indicate a growth and penetration of technology in all categories.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (PRWEB) - GOintegro, Latin America’s leading Employee Engagement Platform, has published the results of its 3rd Latin American HR Tech Survey, which reveals how HR leaders solve the technological needs of the area, from planning and strategy to spending and implementation of IT solutions.

More than 900 Human Resources professionals were surveyed. With great participation from large and small companies with presence in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Through 16 questions the different technological realities that the region experiences were revealed. Concluding that Latin American companies are increasingly aware of the need of incorporating technologies to boost their efforts around people management. And are awaiting the right opportunity and service provider to implement concrete actions.

“Organizations who are unable to adapt their structure, methods and processes to the technological age may not survive. To help your company move beyond where it currently stands, Digital Transformation is something you simply can't afford to ignore”. German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder. GOintegro

Key survey findings include:

  • 40% of the sample indicated that currently have a HR Tech strategy.
  • The use and penetration of technology grows in all categories around 8% and in Employer Branding around 12% compared to last year.
  • 32% have expectations of increasing their investment in HR Tech in 2017
  • Issues such as planning (40%) and convincing corporate leadership to invest (31%) are the most difficult tasks for HR managers.
  • Mobile Apps (64%) and Rapid Implementation (86%) are the most important considerations when choosing a HR Tech provider.

The report also covers surveyed companies main objectives for 2017, pointing out Productivity and Employee Engagement as the top priorities for Latin American businesses. Highlighting the importance of a high-performing workforce to boost productivity and production.

“Providing digital tools, techniques and technologies that empower employees to craft high-performance versions of themselves is one of HR Tech's biggest gifts to today's organizations” German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder. GOintegro

The present global context of increasing digitization and highly disruptive innovations is redefining the company-employee relationship. This new organizational ecosystem is forcing us to change roles, job descriptions, and rethink employee development within the organization. GOintegro’s survey report aims to provide a fresh benchmark to understand how Latin American companies are addressing the different aspects of these changes at a regional level.

The survey reveals that the Latin American market for Human Resource technology is booming, reinventing itself to include strategies and the implementation of software and cloud-based platforms.

“If companies aren’t constantly updating their approach to HR and workforce leadership they risk falling seriously behind. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the advantages that HR technology provides for them, it’s in their best interest to begin their Digital Transformation as soon as they can”.
German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder. GOintegro

The survey results are available in a free report. [Please click here ( if you wish to review the document in PDF version]

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