News | February 6, 2014

Swivel Secure Expands North American Sales Channel With Network Test Labs


Swivel Secure, a global leader in multi-factor authentication solutions, has further strengthened its presence in North America with the signing of Vancouver-based strategic IT security consulting and services provider Network Test Labs (NTL).

Following the launch of an aggressive global partner recruitment drive in 2013, the company today announces details of its latest partnership, which will primarily expand sales coverage across Canada, meeting growing enterprise demand for multifactor authentication to protect corporate networks.

Established in 2008, NTL delivers in-depth IT security analysis, testing and consulting services to its clients, which include a number of industry operators, local governments, healthcare providers, financial services companies and media bodies operating in Canada, North America and globally. The company will integrate the Swivel platform into its existing portfolio of security solutions.

Fraser Thomas, VP International at Swivel Secure, who heads the firm’s US operations, comments: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with NTL and believe it is a perfect partner for Swivel’s multi-factor authentication solution. We were impressed by the level of expertise showcased by NTL in the services it provides. It has built up a strong team of experienced specialists each of whom are strongly committed to addressing the security issues currently dominating enterprise IT.

“We look forward to working with NTL to drive awareness of multi-factor authentication. The North American market holds vast potential for Swivel, both geographically and in terms of market demand. Building a strong presence in North America forms a key part of our global expansion strategy and our reseller recruitment drive in the region is going from strength-to-strength.”

Vernon Joseph, Security Manager, Network Test Labs, adds: “We are excited about integrating Swivel’s multi-factor authentication solution into our security portfolio. Our offering as a consultancy spans a host of strategic security services and Swivel’s platform fits well with our vision and mission. Educating our clients about security and eliminating corporate dependence on unsafe usernames and passwords is something we are fervently trying to address. Swivel’s flexible and scalable solution allows us to tailor authentication solutions to our clients’ individual needs, allowing them to take back control of their network access security.”

Offering the widest range of user deployment options, according to Gartner, the Swivel platform offers the choice of token, mobile apps, SMS and interactive voice response channels when full multifactor authentication is required. Swivel customers can also opt to utilise PINsafe, Swivel’s unique, patented one-time-code extraction protocol. PINsafe combines the use of registered PINs with random ten digit security strings that are sent to the user via SMS, mobile app, telephone, or web, either on demand or in advance. The user combines the PIN with the string in order to work out their unique one-time access code. This protocol puts the user right at the heart of Swivel’s strong multifactor authentication process.

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