Spectrum Solves Multiple Reporting And Dual Data Entry Issues For Rapid Growing Credit Union With HRVantage®

Source: SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation
Arizona Federal Credit Union (AFCU) understands rapid growth and the importance of managing rapid growth effectively. Founded in 1936, AFCU consisted of only a small group of city employees and had only 50 members. By 1966, their member count grew to over 4,700 and today contains over 93,000 members and more than 500 employees with 17 locations.

Prior to purchasing HRVantage from Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation, AFCU used a series of Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and payroll reports that were exported into Excel. As a result, one of the big issues they faced was the inability to quickly produce meaningful reports for senior management. Additionally, AFCU was unable to efficiently compile information for surveys or special projects. They came to the conclusion that the situation they were in created duplicate data entry between HR and Payroll, along with inconsistent reporting. They needed to consider purchasing a system that would be user friendly, provide all of the functionality they required, and service all 17 locations.

In May of 1997, AFCU set out in search of a Microsoft-based HRIS and purchased HRVantage from Spectrum. Sheila Krueger, AFCU's Information Administrator, played a critical role in researching and recommending the system to their CEO.

HRVantage is Spectrum's LAN-based desktop product that provides complete HR functionality. HRVantage's built-in custom report writer and over 150 standard reports help AFCU overcome the reporting inconsistencies they previously faced. AFCU also implemented Spectrum's Vantage Link module. Vantage Link Payroll Interface not only eliminated duplicate data entry, but also played a critical role in keeping HR and Payroll records consistent. Krueger said, "Purchasing HRVantage eliminated having to look in several places to find information for reports. Now I can respond to senior management with accurate and up-to-date information."

Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation takes pride in providing the best products and services in the market. Sheila discussed her experience with Spectrum's client services and said, "Our implementation was well planned, well scheduled, and smooth. Spectrum's communication is excellent and they respond quickly to needs and concerns."

Spectrum wants every system to be unique and fit every individual client's needs. AFCU had their system customized to perform merit and salary calculations using well defined rules. "Our internal customizations make the system fit our corporate culture" says Sheila. "Even though the product, support, and services are top notch, it is the communication that is key and Spectrum really excels at it."

About Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation
Spectrum has been providing top-of-the-line HR systems for 20 years. A team of HR professionals develop, support and sell our software with a primary focus of meeting the needs of other HR professionals. Spectrum's web and desktop-based HR systems include robust HR functionality and complete integrated reporting which is highly customizable and easy-to-use. As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and one of the HRIS industry innovators, a Spectrum system in built on industry standard and dependable technology. With a company mission of achieving and maintaining client enthusiasm, you can be sure Spectrum will exceed your expectation every step of the way with outstanding products and superior client support. Spectrum, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, can be reached at 800.334.5660 or on the Internet at www.spectrumhr.com.

Source: SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation