White Paper

White Paper: Solve The Retail Workforce Management And Execution Challenge

Source: Reflexis Systems, Inc.

Why do retailers struggle to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience? Why is it so difficult to schedule employees to meet target service levels while controlling costs and ensuring compliance?

It doesn't have to be so hard. Click here to download a white paper from a former VP in retail operations on how to solve the workforce management and execution challenge and:

  • Streamline planning and communication between corporate and stores
  • Schedule employees to improve customer service while controlling costs
  • Comply with labor laws and union rules while satisfying worker preferences
  • Drive consistent store-level execution of retail strategy
  • Leverage KPI alerts to respond proactively using best practices
  • Ensure 3rd party vendors do what you want, when you want it

Today's Web-based Retail Workforce Management and Execution solutions can be implemented much more easily and rapidly than traditional enterprise solutions – in three or four months instead of years. Learn how these solutions can increase workforce efficiency and ensure retail strategy is executed as intended in all stores.