News | November 29, 2022

Shyft Careers Unveils One-Of-A-Kind Recruitment Dashboard, Website, And Tech-Focused Hiring Tools

In a Challenging Job Market, the Shyft Dashboard Puts Hiring Power in Employers' Hands

Lancaster, PA /PRNewswire/ - Shyft Careers, a technology-focused hiring and recruitment agency, today unveiled its new Shyft dashboard and website—monumental new tools for growing businesses looking to quickly and affordably hire the highest-quality talent.

"The old ways of hiring just don't cut it in this challenging job market," said Joel Radziewicz, Managing Partner at Shyft Careers. "Our new Shyft dashboard, website, and other tech-focused resources now give our clients the edge when looking not just to hire but to find their next superstars."

The Shyft dashboard uses a "deconstructed" hiring model that zeroes in on the best candidates for a business' open positions. It then puts the power in the employer's hands, giving them the tools to connect with and interview top job candidates.

"With traditional hiring methods, finding and hiring the right candidates takes a significant investment of time, money, and resources," Radziewicz continued. "But now, with our dashboard, website, and other recruiting tools, hiring is affordable and happens faster."

Within the Shyft dashboard, businesses can easily manage all open positions and candidates in one place. Shyft's team of experienced recruitment professionals takes care of finding the best prospective candidates for each business. On average, Shyft's clients hire 75% faster than with traditional hiring methods, helping them lock down high-quality talent before their competitors.

Visit the new Shyft Careers website to learn more, discover affordable pricing options, and start a free one-week trial of the new Shyft dashboard.

About Shyft Careers
Shyft Careers is a technology-focused recruitment agency that works alongside businesses of all industries to attract the best talent for their growing teams. Shyft believes that the hiring landscape is continuously evolving, and to keep pace, companies must look to tech-savvy resources and industry experts to hire and retain employees.

With their easy-to-use Shyft dashboard, expert recruitment professionals, and a bevy of hiring resources, Shyft is making it easier and more affordable to quickly hire recruiter-level talent at a fraction of the recruiter-level price.

Visit Shyft Careers to learn more and start a free trial of the new Shyft dashboard.

Source: Shyft Careers

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