News | May 27, 2015

SanMar Corporation Successfully Implemented NOVAtime Workforce Management Solution Across 9 Locations


SanMar Corporation implemented the NOVAtime 5000 solution to automate its time, attendance and point tracking processes for over 3,000 employees.

(PRWEB) - NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (, a leading provider of Workforce Management solutions for enterprise organizations, announced today that SanMar Corporation successfully implemented the NOVAtime 5000 solution to automate its time, attendance and point tracking processes for over 3,000 employees across 9 locations in the United States.

Family-owned since 1971, Seattle-based SanMar Corporation is an award-winning supplier of 21 retail, private label, and mill brands. SanMar supplies apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers, industrial launderers, and more.

With over 3,000 employees across 9 locations throughout the United States, SanMar decided to implement the NOVAtime 5000 workforce management solution to manage the company’s time and attendance processes, beginning in January 2015.

NOVAtime 5000 is a complete workforce management solution that includes time, attendance, scheduling, leave, accruals, and reporting features and functionality. Melanie Dutton, HRIS Manager at SanMar, states, “One of the favorite things for us is the fact that we have time, attendance tracking, and write-ups (Point System) all-in-one.”

The NOVAtime Point System feature tracks employee attendance and exceptions. It allows point values to be assigned to exceptions (e.g. tardiness, absences, and leaving early), and rules and threshold levels can be set up so that supervisors can view employees who meet or exceed the threshold of the selected exception type. Once a threshold is reached, the system can automatically generate pre-configured HR write-up documents for supervisors. Ultimately, the Point System gives employers a cost effective means of awarding dedicated employees for proper attendance, while disciplining those who do not abide by company policies.

Ms. Dutton continues on about the benefits of NOVAtime, “The ability to report on any data that’s in the system—if it’s in NOVAtime, you can pull a report on it, and we love that!” Indeed, NOVAtime 5000’s powerful and easy-to-usereport engine offers over 100 report templates that can be configured to each client’s specific needs.

“So far, we really love the product. It has been a big leap from what we had before,” says Ms. Dutton, “[NOVAtime is] highly recommended, especially for companies who are looking to upgrade and improve their current timekeeping process.”

SanMar uses Oracle Fusion to process their payroll.

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