Company Profile | May 26, 2000


Source: Round-The-Clock Systems
Round-The-Clock Systems provides management and employee training products, seminars and consulting services on topics of importance to all 24-hour operations, including strategic work schedules, shiftwork education, and round-the-clock management. Our mission is to enable 24/7 enterprises to generate and sustain peak-level performance, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

Round-The-Clock Systems applies systems thinking, socio-tehcnical principles and behavior-based safety and health concepts in its award-winning training programs and value-added consulting services for 24/7 enterprises. These programs and services are preferred by leaders who require results.

Our products and services are differentiated by their scope, instructional quality and measured impact. As our clients will attest, marked improvement in human performance and organizational effectiveness occur when Round-The-Clock Systems's solutions to 24/7 challenges are implemented. We invite you to join this satisfied client network, and start building the round-the-clock readiness capacity of your 24-hour workplace.