Programmer Analyst Aptitude Test

This test is for both entry-level and experienced candidates
Author: Bruce A. Winrow
Date introduced: 1997
Administration time: 1 hour
Booklet and Internet versions available

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This test is for both entry-level and experienced candidates. To evaluate the person's aptitude and potential for programming and analyzing business problems. This test assumes no prior experience or knowledge of data processing.

General Description
This one-hour test, from which a one-page report is provided to the client, consists of four problems that evaluate logical ability, skills in interpretation of complicated specifications and potential for translating business problems into symbolic logic. The first three problems evaluate the individual's programming potential. They evaluate such traits as logical ability, attention to detail, basic mathematical skills, the ability to follow procedures, reason with symbols, and create a symbolic program. The last problem is designed to test the person's analytical ability and skill in interpreting business specifications to solve problems. No personality traits are measured in this version.

Positions for which the test is appropriate
This test is used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel for their computer programming aptitudes and business analysis potentials.

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