Case Study

Perfect Software Supports Leading Mortgage Banking Firm with their HRIS and BPM Solutions

Norwalk, CT. --- (September 10, 2003)--- PerfectSoftware a leading provider of Human Resource Information Systems, releases Case Study on Human Resource Information System and Business Process Management Solutions for American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc., a leader in mortgage banking with over 3,300 employees.

As a top provider of HIRS Solutions, PerfectSoftware works closely with the rapidly expanding American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. (AHM) on their specific HRIS initiatives. AHM selected PerfectSoftware and their hrWindows, suite of systems to assist them in strengthening and managing the wide area network of employee control systems. With functions in Applicant Tracking, Attendance Reporting, Benefits Control and all Salary and Compensation Reporting, PerfectSoftware and their hrWindows systems would play an important role in AHM's growing strategic acquisition plans. An incredible three months after start date, AHM and PerfectSoftware completed the company wide HR coding and reporting structures, developed the process to integrate and export in/out of ADP payroll, established the workflow for new hires and terminations, as well as, a completed headcount report for upper management.

To locate and partner with a provider that could meet the demands of a robust HRIS Solution, AHM undertook an extensive system search. Lining up four vendor finalist, AHM explored PeopleSoft, ADP (which provides AHM with payroll services), NuView Systems and PerfectSoftware. PerfectSoftware and the hrWindows Suite best provided us with the flexibility, reporting and ease of use that fit with our strategic HRIS goals." said Leo Loucas, Vice President of Human Resources for American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. "The user-friendliness of hrWindows, coupled with the robust management reporting systems already built into the system led us to select the PerfectSoftware solution."

Connecting and tracking over 150 branch offices that maintain numerous employees is in itself a tedious task. With hrWindows and the AHM's Branch Managers HRIS Dashboard System, the company can control and report on crucial human capital needs and ongoing employee data management. Following the completion of centralizing all of the employee and benefit systems, AHM plans on deploying PerfectSoftware's Eventrix System. Eventrix controls BPM with the time sensitive delivery of all employee related events such as onborading, terminations, life changes, benefit planning and company policy initiatives.