Freeware | April 14, 2000

OPAC Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy Test v. 6.0, from OPAC Testing Software

Source: OPAC Testing Software
OPAC Testing Software's Free Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy Test. Provides Six 5-Minute Tests and Unlimited 1-Minute Tests. This program also introduces the OPAC System to the user. The OPAC System is an automated skill-testing package that measures critical knowledge, skill and ability for the modern office environment. Includes general clerical tests (e.g. proofreading, 10-Key, keyboarding, filing) and software tests (e.g. word-processing, spreadsheets, databases). All tests are self-scoring and can be administered in custom groups based upon the at-issue job title. TestWriter allows for custom true/false tests and the validation module allows for automated content validity reports.