News | March 8, 2005

Nobscot's WebExit System Goes Global

Newest version of exit interview software offers language features for international companies and organizations

Honolulu, HI -- Nobscot Corporation, the innovator in exit interview management software, today announced its newest upgraded edition of WebExit, the most advanced exit interview system developed to date. The new version of WebExit includes a more robust database, improved security features, and an optional language module that supports more than 15 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

"While English remains the universal business language, organizations with from 1,500 to many thousands of employees around the world can now provide a complete exit interview in their native languages," noted Beth N. Carvin, CEO of Nobscot Corporation. "There is a greater comfort level when employees are given the option of communicating the information for an exit survey in their own language."

Companies use Nobscot's WebExit worldwide to identify reasons for employee turnover. Once a system is installed, additional useful features and upgrades are added on a continuing basis. Clients include leading banks, financial services firms, retailers, and manufacturing companies, as well as utilities, governmental, health care, education, and technology organizations.

The often extremely candid information communicated during an exit interview can provide valuable assistance in guiding management in decisions on improving the work environment, increasing productivity and reducing the irritations that lead to employee turnover.

"Learning what people feel might have contributed to conflict situations and the decision to leave an organization, as well as identifying excellent supervisors, positive experiences, and receiving suggestions from experienced and knowledgeable contributors, can prove useful in managerial training, measuring managers' effectiveness, and any number of other areas," Ms. Carvin added.

About Nobscot Corporation
Nobscot Corporation, the pioneer in exit interview management software, was founded in April 2000. In December 2001 HR Executive Magazine crowned Nobscot's WebExit one of the Top 10 HR Products of the Year. Today WebExit is the gold standard for exit interview automation and is used by organizations in over 20 countries worldwide. More information on this study is available at Nobscot Corporation's website at:

Source: Nobscot Corporation