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NextCrew Partners With Everee To Streamline Payroll Services For Temporary Staffing

Salt Lake City, UT /PRNewswire/ - Everee, a leading payroll company making it easy to pay workers instantly, today announced a partnership with NextCrew to offer streamlined processes and fast payment options for workers. By integrating Everee's payroll technology with NextCrew's end-to-end staffing platform, the partnership simplifies and enhances the payroll experience for staffing companies and temporary workers.

"As any staffing company can attest to, talent acquisition and retention are issues that are always top of mind," said Chirag Mehta, CEO of NextCrew. "As we evaluated different options that would help ease these challenges for companies, we recognized that by working with Everee to offer faster payment options, we could offer an experience that focuses on simplicity and ease of use, while also meeting the needs of today's workforce. Everee is redefining payroll as we know it through daily and instant payment options, and we are excited to bring forward an innovative staffing experience that prioritizes flexibility, efficiency, and agility."

For staffing agencies, the traditional process of manually tracking and verifying timesheets often leads to delays and errors. With this integration, users can simply log into Everee and run payroll without any manual data entry, and payments are generated automatically. Additionally, labor data and workforce information flow from NextCrew into Everee in real-time leveraging OpenAPI.

"At our company, we coordinate independent contractors for events nationwide. Our operations heavily rely on NextCrew for workforce management, booking, and billing," said Dominick Palazzo, founder of Extreme Marketing & Promotions. "With Everee onboard, we've been able to redirect our focus towards more impactful endeavors, driving productivity and growth. Everee's swift and efficient services not only rescued us from tedious tasks but also translated into significant cost savings for our company."

For temporary staff, faster pay is a game-changer. According to Everee's recent research examining the state of healthcare staffing:

  • 66% of healthcare workers live paycheck to paycheck.
  • 80% of healthcare workers express a desire for faster payment options.
  • 68% of healthcare workers would prioritize positions offering payment within 24 hours of completing a shift.

"Faster pay is a significant differentiator in today's competitive market, and we're continuing to see a growing demand for it, especially with temporary staffing companies. That's never been more true than now with our NextCrew partnership," said Brett Barlow, CEO of Everee. "It comes down to being able to meet workers' real-time needs—from paying for groceries to rent—without waiting weeks to do so. It's getting them what they've earned, as they've earned it in a win-win situation that empowers both agencies and their temporary staff."

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About NextCrew
NextCrew provides a robust, end-to-end staffing platform to revolutionize workforce management. NextCrew's solution, which includes tools for candidate recruiting, onboarding, timesheets, reporting, and more, empowers companies to seamlessly digitize their processes, resulting in streamlined operations, efficiency, and a competitive edge in today's ever-evolving business environment.

About Everee
Everee is the only full-service payroll platform with the ability to pay W-2 and 1099 workers as often as daily, even on weekends and holidays. Staffing agencies trust Everee to onboard and pay workers across multiple locations, stay compliant, manage tax filings, and more. With Everee Credit, managing cash flow is easier and more cost-effective than using a separate factoring solution. Platform-based companies can seamlessly integrate Everee's flexible APIs and embeddable components to improve the candidate and staff experience without a lot of dev work. For more information, visit

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