News | September 27, 2020

Lanteria Announces Its New SharePoint-Based Solution For Remote Work - Lanteria HR For Remote Teams

Lanteria HR provides a new toolset that helps companies manage teams remotely without sacrificing efficiency, clarity, and productivity.

Lanteria, a SharePoint-based HR software developer, has announced its new product that facilitates the transition to working remotely.

“Remote work comes with a unique set of objectives. And with so many things to oversee - from tracking time spent on different activities to measuring your remote team’s performance - HR software can be a great time-saver, streamlining the entire remote work process,” said Lanteria’s CTO Sergey Balog. “With the thought of it, we decided to develop a new complete solution within our system - Lanteria HR for Remote Teams.”

This solution covers all four of the essential needs to manage the remote teams:

  • Organizing the company’s core HR processes, such as basic time tracking, employee onboarding, etc.;
  • Providing easy-to-use and secure tools for teams communication and collaboration;
  • Managing employees’ performance;
  • Creating a welcoming environment for employee learning and development.

“Lanteria’s remote work toolkit will accelerate the team’s productivity, track working progress, keep every team member on the same page - and we’re ready to showcase it to you with a quick and simple team onboarding,” added Sergey Balog. “We’re offering free personalized demos for teams looking to get up and running while working from home.”

Source: Lanteria