News | February 6, 2018

JS Benefits Group Invests In Effective Industry Technology To Simplify Management Of Employee Benefits

JS Benefits Group is committed to making sure that their clients become more efficient, productive and compliant via technology and resources

Newtown, PA (PRWEB) - With over 25 years of experience, JS Benefits Group is one of the most trusted sources for employee benefits programs in the Mid-Atlantic.

The consulting firm offers innovative and result-oriented employee benefit program management solutions to businesses in Newton, Pennsylvania. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, JS Benefits Group strives to make the management of employee benefits easier for their clients. Using technology streamlines and simplifies employee benefits administration and helps save clients’ time and money.

JS Benefits Group is committed to making sure that their clients become more efficient, productive and compliant via technology and resources. The company provides clients with an online employee benefits manager and HR platform known as the Employee Navigator. The Employee Navigator is a complete tool for managing an employee benefits programs. Easy to use, it’s equipped with various innovative features that enhance the productivity of employers and employees.

Employers can use the Employee Navigator to track payroll and deductions, access personnel information, and more. Employee Navigator has a customized homepage with company branding, communications, employee handbook, and more.

Meanwhile, employees can use the Employee Navigator to access and manage benefits 24-hour via a computer or mobile device. They can also it compare insurance options, download forms and ID Cards, and access personnel policies, procedures, employee memos, notifications, and more.

“The Employee Navigator is a game-changing device that can minimize the hassles and challenges you face in managing your company’s employee benefits programs. We work closely with every client to help them understand and implement the software in their organization,” said a company spokesperson. “If you wish there was an easier way to manage your company’s employee benefits program, contact us today for assistance and support.”

In addition to technology, JS Benefits Group offers clients valuable information pertaining to current employee laws and trends. Due to the company’s exceptional services, they have more than 1,200 clients from diverse businesses. Their clients have 30 to 30,000 employees and come in all shapes and sizes.

Apart from employee benefits, the company also specializes in HR consulting and individual and group insurance plans, which includes life, dental, vision, disability, medical and LTC.
As employee benefits and HR policies vary among companies, JS Benefits Group creates customized plans tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

About JS Benefits Group
The JS Benefits Group comprises a team of highly skilled and very experienced professionals working towards providing cost saving employee benefits and HR consulting services across the Mid-Atlantic region.


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