News | April 7, 2022

Jellyvision Launches ALEX Connect To Put Benefits Engagement In The Pocket Of Every Employee

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire/ - Today, Jellyvision announces the official launch of ALEX Connect, a mobile app that centralizes benefits information in the place where employees are most likely to find and use it—their phones.

In the past two years, the workforce has become more decentralized than ever due to an increase in remote work and non-office jobs. While this shift has come with countless perks, it's also making employees even harder to reach. Amid a barrage of emails1, texts2 and Slack messages3, employees aren't getting the memo when it comes to their benefits: 2 in 5 employees don't understand the benefits communications they receive, and a third have never taken action as a result of their employer's benefits communications.4

ALEX Connect aims to address these challenges by engaging employees around their benefits on the platform they use most: their phones.5 The mobile app gives employees on-the-go access to all the benefits information they need, while guiding them towards smarter actions along the way.

Within ALEX Connect, employees can interact with their healthcare plans, ID cards, HSA/FSA and retirement accounts, in-network provider searches, telemedicine and prescription resources, a built-in wellness tracker and more. And the trusted, compelling voice of ALEX will be there throughout the year to re-engage employees and drive them towards benefits decisions that will keep them healthy—physically, mentally and financially.

"ALEX Connect helps employers and brokers more effectively promote their benefits packages to employees," says Eric Braswell, SVP of Channel Sales and Strategic Alliances for Jellyvision. "From targeted push notification reminders to engagement surveys to quick videos that promote top-of-mind initiatives, ALEX Connect is an important step towards the future of benefits engagement."

The app's flexible design allows employers to highlight their organization's top benefits priorities, no matter what they are. The ALEX Connect experience is tailored to fit the unique needs of each company's workforce, whether that's mental health resources, telemedicine, or healthcare cost-saving tools.

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1 According to FinancesOnline, employees receive an average of 100 emails per day on average.

2 According to Pew Research, employees receive an average of 42 texts per day on average.

3 According to TechJury, employees spend 9 hours per day on Slack on average.

4 Source: Employee Benefits are Broken: How to Finally Transform Benefits to Benefit Everyone (Jellyvision)

5 The average American checks their phone 344 times a day, and 88% of that time is spent using mobile apps.

Source: Jellyvision

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