iVantage® Expands Communication Capabilities Of International Law Firm

Source: SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation
Bingham McCutchen LLP appreciates the many challenges an international corporation faces. With over 2,000 employees and 11 offices worldwide, Bingham is focused on serving clients involved in complex financial transactions, a full range of corporate and technology matters, and high-stakes litigation. They offer their customers a global perspective, providing the capability to execute the cross-border transactions essential to building a successful worldwide business.

Crossing the Communication Barrier
The Human Resource (HR) department at Bingham McCutchen understands that communication is one of the major barriers to building a winning team across international borders. While extremely happy with their current HR tracking and analysis system, they knew they needed a way to communicate more effectively between the staff members in their dispersed offices. When the staff at Bingham McCutchen approached Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation with their remote access dilemma, they found their solution in iVantage®, Spectrum's web-operational Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

The HR department at Bingham McCutchen previously utilized HRVantage®, also developed by Spectrum. This powerful HRIS excelled at providing them with the HR functionality and analysis they required; however, they needed a way to better communicate with their global workplaces. "Our branch offices needed to be able to access the system," said Amy Murphy, HRIS Administrator at Bingham McCutchen. "We used HRVantage before, and I really liked Spectrum. They have a very responsive, knowledgeable staff, and their products fit well with our Microsoft® environment." As the only best-in-class HRIS provider to be a Microsoft® Certified Solution Provider Partner since 1992, Spectrum realizes that dependable technology is critical to the success of any HR system.

With the growth of web-based technology, Spectrum developed iVantage to continue to provide the newest and most innovative ways to record and report on HR data. iVantage is a comprehensive, powerful HR system that can manage information, process a multitude of transactions, and provide a portal for knowledge, practices, policies, communications and training. It can automate the benefits administration process, track a myriad of workforce metrics, manage employee communications, empower employees to manage their own profiles and careers, and more importantly, enable managers to maintain their employee assets in a more effective manner.

For Bingham McCutchen, iVantage was the perfect solution providing easier, more reliable, communication without sacrificing the functionality they had come to rely on with HRVantage. Since iVantage is web-based and user installation is not necessary, the deployment to the branch offices was painless. "iVantage was easy to roll out to other offices with role-level security and that is just one thing that makes the system even more exceptional" said Murphy. Murphy also reports, "As an administrator, I find query analyzer the most useful. I've set up over 250 separate queries in one SQL script which I run everyday. It has really helped me keep the data clean and address issues before they come up. ‘Garbage in is garbage out.'"

Customizing the System
Besides providing the HR staff with internet access to the company's workforce data, Bingham McCutchen also needed a system that could be customized to meet their very specific needs. Spectrum offers different customization options for system users. Clients can take classes through Spectrum's Product Support and Education department and learn to customize the system themselves, or Spectrum's Client Services department will do it for them. Bingham chose the latter and worked with Spectrum to achieve several customized features.

Spectrum's Client Services department worked with Bingham to add staffing notices in the system's e-mail templates, as well as the ability to enter multiple supervisors for an employee. The Personnel Action Notice report was enhanced and several pages and tables were added to track attorney-specific data. Murphy reports that the ability to customize the system is one of the reasons that iVantage is an exceptional HR system. "iVantage is easy to customize and very powerful."

Creating a Partnership
As a Spectrum client partner since 1995, Bingham McCutchen was very familiar with Spectrum's service-oriented environment and knew what to expect. "When working with Spectrum, you don't feel like just another number to them. I know a lot of the staff by name and always have my questions answered," said Amy Murphy.

Spectrum considers each client to be a partner and resource for the development of future products. Amy Murphy says, "I feel like my feedback is important to Spectrum and that they are co-workers to me, not just a vendor." Many of the ideas given by clients for product improvements are incorporated into new versions of the software. According to Murphy, "If we make a suggestion, Spectrum will add it to their System Change Request list."

Bingham McCutchen has experienced every aspect of the client-partner attitude at Spectrum. "When we were working on an upgrade and data conversion from a company we merged with, our Spectrum Client Service representative came in early and stayed late to keep our project on schedule. Any issues I reported were generally resolved within 24 hours."

Reaping the Benefits
Since the implementation of iVantage, Murphy describes the system as "very easy and intuitive to use. Single point of entry, easy auditing, powerful reporting, and easy-to-do mass updates have all made my job easier." Murphy continues, "My director has described iVantage as a ‘critical' firm system, and as the ‘backbone' for sharing amongst the firm."

As stated in the company's mission statement, "Spectrum strives to create and maintain client enthusiasm for Spectrum human resource management systems and services." Murphy says, "I like telling my peers that also work in HR about Spectrum and their HR systems. iVantage not only makes my job easier, it makes it more fun!"

About Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corporation
Spectrum has been providing top-of-the-line HR systems for 20 years. A team of HR professionals develop, support and sell our software with a primary focus of meeting the needs of other HR professionals. Spectrum's web and desktop-based HR systems include robust HR functionality and complete integrated reporting which is highly customizable and easy-to-use. As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and one of the HRIS industry innovators, a Spectrum system in built on industry standard and dependable technology. With a company mission of achieving and maintaining client enthusiasm, you can be sure Spectrum will exceed your expectation every step of the way with outstanding products and superior client support. Spectrum, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, can be reached at 800.334.5660 or on the Internet at www.spectrumhr.com.

Source: SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corporation