News | July 6, 2012

International HR Consultancy, HRBP, Launches Its Cutting-Edge Assessment Solutions, Catering To Local And International Companies Seeking To Recruit Personnel In Mainland China

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ -- HRBP, an international HR consultancy, has recently launched its new service offering, which caters to local and foreign companies seeking to expand their operation and recruit high quality professionals in China.

HRBP specializes in the assessment of candidates and existing employees utilizing a variety of function-based tools. Additional focus areas of HRBP include recruitment and organizational consulting.

Partnering with Adam-Milo, Israel's leading specialist in assessment and human resource management, HRBP has adapted qualified assessment tools to the chinese language and culture. This unique offering allows companies and managers in China to recruit quality and trusted employees, by arming them with extensive knowledge about a candidate's skill set, personality profile and level of integrity.

The availability of objective tools suited to the Chinese market enables both local and international companies to recruit workers with a greater sense of confidence.

According to Yael Einav-Zichor, HRBP joint CEO: "HRBP recognizes the unique challenges and needs of companies in China aiming to recruit quality employees.To this end, we have developed comprehensive assessment solutions for companies seeking to assess the functioning and suitability of employees, from senior management levels through intermediate positions and junior professional roles. Our solutions have been proven effective when dealing with widely varying sectors of the workforce and the Chinese market. We are priviledged to provide services to numerous companies across the globe."

Einav-Zichor adds: "In a market as dynamic as that of Mainland China, effective recruitment decisions are crucial and hiring errors often prove to be expensive for companies. I have no doubt that the culturally and linguistically adapted assessment tools which we are launching, will effectively shorten and improve our clients' candidate selection process.

HRBP was founded by Dr. Yael Einav-Zichor and businessman Tal Weiss and benefits from 15 years of experience in human resource management, employee assessment and development, training and organizational consulting.

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