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Info-Tech: The Next-Generation HR Platform For Business Solutions

Singapore /PRNewswire/ - Info-Tech, a reliable and easy-to-use human resource management system (HRMS) platform, has constantly enhanced its products and services to keep up with new technological changes, business models, and government regulations. Providing an all-in-one holistic solution for all HR needs, Info-Tech is on its way to becoming the leading next-generation global technology company that empowers its clients to revolutionize their HR operations, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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The growing need for an effective and affordable HRMS platform
As an integral part of a company's success, HRMS helps various HR functions to be more efficient and effective, from managing and tracking employee information, payroll, and attendance records, to benefits administration. The forecast for HRMS global demand will escalate with a CAGR of 11.1% to reach a market value of over $35 billion in 2030.

In Singapore, SMEs, which account for 99% of the total enterprises and employ 71% of the Singaporean workforce, have increasingly sought reliable yet cost-effective solutions for their HRMS needs. Although there are existing solutions to help digitize HR practices in Singapore, they are either costly and complicated or only offer a piece-by-piece approach to individual HR tasks, leaving SMEs with limited solutions to transform their people management practices digitally.

Leveraging avant-garde technologies to be the next-generation HR platform
Recognizing the gap in the market, Info-Tech has introduced an easy, user-friendly, and affordable HRMS software that incorporates new-generation technologies, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and mobile optimization, in its core products for SMEs. As the trend moves forward, Info-Tech, which began with MS-DOS, evolved from a Windows-based system to cloud-based HRMS software launched in 2014. This significant progress allows Info-Tech to optimize usability and provide a smoother customer experience for local businesses to succeed in the digital age.

Furthermore, under their award-winning HRMS solution, Info-Tech offers an all-in-one platform of HR modules, including payroll, leave, claims, appraisal, accounting, and project cost management, for SMEs to operate smoothly and efficiently (time and cost saving).

Info-Tech's flagship Attendance App is the epitome of how the company has integrated cutting-edge technology to optimize employee management. "The Attendance App is packed with innovative features, such as Face Recognition and GPS location capturing. Our proprietary Face Recognition technology ensures employees can easily clock in/out without depending on any cloud service or iOS/Android face authentication. The app even works offline, making it highly practical in areas without internet connectivity," said Babu Dilip, co-founder and CEO of Info-Tech System Integrators.

As Info-Tech also values high-quality customer service, its robust, customized CRM system is set to impede any missed requests or forgotten details from happening, ensuring a seamless onboarding process for the clients. On top of that, a dedicated Support Specialist is assigned to every client to assist with their particular needs throughout the process. In addition to accounting software with the "Accounting Simplified" tagline launched in 2021, Info-Tech is preparing to complete its suite of HRMS products with JOBSLAH, a job portal designed to fulfill all the staffing requirements of companies. "Our objective is to offer a one-platform digital holistic solution to businesses at an affordable price, with first-class service from employee sourcing and management to accounting for business operations," added Dilip.

About Info-Tech:
Established in Singapore in 1996, Info-Tech is a prominent and cutting-edge HR platform in the SMB sector with 300+ employees, over 20,000 customers, and 500,000 users worldwide. By utilizing Info-Tech's software, HR professionals can quickly gather, preserve, and analyze data, enhance the top candidates sourcing, integrate new hires, manage remuneration, and create a positive workplace culture.

Source: Info-Tech Systems Integrators Pte Ltd

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