News | May 8, 2018

Hygieia Wellness Selects Welltok To Power Employee Wellbeing Nationwide

Denver, CO /PRNewswire/ - Welltok, the leading enterprise Software as a Service company for consumer health, today announced a new strategic partnership with Hygieia Wellness, a leading provider of extensive wellness benefits for hundreds of employers across the country. In the multi-year agreement, Welltok will provide the technology platform for Hygieia's clients to deploy their health programs and resources to millions of employees across the U.S.

Hygieia Wellness offers extensive wellness benefits for employees and developed the most comprehensive group hospital indemnity policy to protect against catastrophic out of pocket life events. Serving employers nationwide, the company offers a comprehensive array of services, including nutrition education, food journal guidance, meal planning assistance, healthy recipes, weight management resources, coaching and much more. The company selected Welltok to digitize these services and provide a singular destination for employees to participate in an array of wellness activities.

"Leveraging Welltok's platform will accelerate our ability to achieve our goal of delivering the most robust and effective wellness programs to our customers," said Doug Frederick, chief financial officer of Hygieia Wellness. "This partnership allows us to create a true win for both employees and employers. Employees improve their health and can increase their take home pay by participating in exercise, nutrition and preventative care programs. While employers experience increased productivity and retention, better morale, lower health related costs and improve health overall."

Accessible online or through a mobile application, Welltok's consumer activation platform connects employees with Hygieia's extensive portfolio of wellness programs and resources. The platform systematically applies machine learning to both healthcare and non-healthcare data to understand and predict individual employee needs. Each employee then receives a unique action plan with the relevant health and wellbeing resources available to them, creating a highly-personalized and holistic user experience.

"We are excited to welcome Hygieia Wellness to our growing list of health service companies leveraging our platform to deploy their valuable health and wellbeing content and services at scale," said Rob Scavo, Welltok's president and chief operating officer. "We're proud that our technology will help power Hygieia's growth initiatives and increase its ability to positively impact millions of employees and their sponsors."

About Welltok, Inc.
Welltok, the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company, is on a mission to empower consumers to achieve their optimal health. Its award-winning CaféWell Health Optimization Platform connects consumers with available and relevant benefits, resources and rewards by designing personalized action plans. Additionally, the company's technology-enabled services leverage both advanced analytics to derive meaningful consumer insights and multi-channel communications to reach consumers through the right channel with the right message. Welltok drives greater consumer engagement and healthcare value for customers across the healthcare continuum including payers, employers, pharmacy retailers and health systems. Follow Welltok on Twitter @Welltok.

About Hygieia Wellness
Hygieia Wellness offers a group hospital indemnity policy with considerable wellness benefits. This product was designed to promote a healthier workforce through consistent wellness and screenings and to help reduce an employee's out of pocket exposure for medical care. The benefits to the employee is a robust wellness program with higher employee engagement rates than a traditional wellness plan, and a fixed indemnity plan. The benefits to the employer include hundreds of dollars in payroll tax savings per employee per year, possible lowering of workers comp premiums, and the real end goal of lowering health insurance premiums by having a healthier workforce, all at no out of pocket cost to the employer and employee.

SOURCE: Welltok, Inc.

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