News | January 23, 2019

Green Circle Health Enhances Flagship Platform To Further Reduce Employer Healthcare Costs And Maximize Benefits Utilization

GCH Platform helps employers engage and communicate with multi-generational workforce to encourage utilization of company services and benefits.

Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) - Green Circle Health (GCH) announced that the company has made significant enhancements to its GCH Platform, a web- and mobile-based service for employers to centralize all HR benefits and services within a single app for employees and their families. The platform helps employers better engage and communicate with employees to encourage greater utilization of company benefits and services which improves productivity while promoting physical, emotional, mental and financial wellbeing of employees and their families.

Throughout 2018, GCH helped employers improve employee engagement and drive better outcomes as they build holistic cultures of health and wellness. The GCH Platform allowed employers to maximize benefits utilization and engage employees to make meaningful behavioral changes to lead happier, healthier lives, which reduces costs and improves productivity. In addition, the company has made great strides in engaging all employee demographics, whether millennials, Gen-X or Baby Boomers, with its streamlined user interface across different channels. GCH also allows employers to engage four additional family members per employee, bringing an added level of engagement to any company’s culture.

To build upon its proven success for clients, which range from health system, a large-scale employer of more than 85,000 employees and their family members, to small businesses, GCH is releasing the latest version of its GCH Platform, featuring:

  • An HR services dashboard to access payroll services, personnel records, internal job boards, recruiting, training, assistance programs and more through bi-directional Single Sign-on (SSO);
  • An HR benefits dashboard for employees to access healthcare, dental, vision, disability, 401(k) plans, Employee Assistance Programs, third-party programs, annual enrollments and more with SSO;
  • Wellness challenges, wellness assessment, risk based programs and team competitions designed to engage employees with daily activities that promote healthy physical, emotional and financial habits;
  • An employer-employee communications gateway with multi-channel access through either mobile, desktop or tablet for one-to-one and one-to-many messaging including bulletin boards, messaging, emails and control panels;
  • Leader boards and wellness calendars which easily integrate with company provided rewards programs and redemption options;
  • Enhanced events and scheduling service to manage employee participation in health screening and company hosted events, with a streamlined approach to sharing resulting and health coaching within the same app;
  • An enhanced care program module designed with clinically sound protocols to work closely with GCH Live services with integrated scheduling and task management;
  • Expanded language functionality to include Spanish within the GCH web- and mobile-apps, as well as flexibility to add other languages as needed;
  • Streamlined communication modules for care providers to engage patient-employees with guidance on how to manage chronic conditions, health screenings, preventative care and general coaching; and
  • Integrated HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) technology to easily populate patient-employee health records and profiles from hospitals, labs, screening clinics and other healthcare providers.

“Employers today are under tremendous pressure to not only reduce their healthcare expenditures, but also ensure employee benefits and services are being utilized to the fullest extent possible,” said Dinesh Sheth, CEO of Green Circle Health. “Companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on HR services and benefits designed to help employees engage with their brand and be productive, but unless they take advantage of those offerings, their efforts can quickly fall flat. Employers must use proper technology and meet employees where they are in order to deliver these services, on their mobile phones and tablets. GCH’s services are designed to help employers circumvent this pitfall and drive employee engagement and productivity.”

About Green Circle Health
Green Circle Health (GCH) is the provider of the GCH Platform, a patented web- and mobile-based service for employers to maximize benefits and HR services utilization, reduce healthcare costs and better engage and communicate with employees and their families.

The GCH Platform functions as a multi-generational communications gateway that allows employers to engage with employees and their families across all channels. In addition, GCH centralizes all HR benefits and services within its easy-to-use web and app-based dashboards to maximize utilization and employer return-on-investment. Employees and their family members can also use the app for wellness assessments, screenings, wellness programs, rewards management, chronic condition management programs and more. GCH helps companies improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism and reduce overall costs while driving profitability. .

GCH is a minority owned company whose GCH Platform has been recognized by the Department of Health & Human Services Office of the National Coordinator, Intelligent Health Association, Mayo Clinic, Global Healthcare Resources and National Association of Business Resources. For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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