Fundamentals of Fourth Generation Management

Source: Oriel Incorporated
Great organizations are fun to watch
Great organizations are fun to watch. Everyone appears to know what needs to be done to improve more rapidly than the competition. They're always one step ahead — one step better
than the rest.

The Fundamentals of Fourth Generation Management video-based series is specially designed to allow for cascade training throughout the organization. This highly engaging eight-module series is filled with real business vignettes and hands-on exercises. It includes eight video cassettes, a complete instructor guide, leader and participant workbooks, and quick reference guides with pocket-cards — everything you need to start improving immediately.

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of quality, data, teamwork

  • How to understand and use customer data

  • Simple tools for improving processes

  • How to understand variation

  • How to use data effectively

  • How to build cooperation and teamwork

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