News | January 31, 2023

Full Sail Partners Now Offers The Deltek Vantagepoint Blackbox Connector For ADP Workforce Now

Steamboat Springs, CO (PRWEB) - This new Blackbox Connector provides a seamless integration between Deltek Vantagepoint and ADP Workforce Now.

Full Sail Partners is happy to announce a new Blackbox Connector offering. Deltek Vantagepoint and ADP Workforce Now, a human resources management system, are now able to be integrated to help manage employee data. From the moment of first hire, firms will be able to keep crucial employee data such as pay rates, skill sets, and key demographics in sync with this new Blackbox Connector.

“When considering the needs of our clients, the Blackbox Development team was really excited to be able to provide a single source of truth for core employee information,” stated Pete Nuffer, Director of Solution Development for Full Sail Partners. “This integration between Deltek Vantagepoint and ADP Workforce Now has many benefits for clients and we believe it will really improve efficiency in running projects.”

Utilizing this new Blackbox Connector to integrate Deltek Vantagepoint with ADP Workforce Now, clients will realize numerous benefits. First, they will be able to prevent duplication of entry and reduce errors. Next, they will be able to stay updated with employee information on an interval-based schedule or on-demand synchronizations. Finally, this future-proof enterprise-grade technology is reasonably priced and will be supported by the very knowledgeable Full Sail Partners’ team of Deltek experts.

“One of the most exciting features of this new Blackbox Connector for me is that the team has designed it to be future-proof,” noted Jennifer Wilson, Principal SQL Developer. “This will help alleviate any fear of upgrades or changes which are handled already for the clients.”

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Connecting thousands of project-based firms, Full Sail Partners identifies critical resources to create fast, efficient, and cohesive companies. As a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, our team helps professional services firms fully integrate their business processes by connecting their front end and backend systems. We provide technology consulting, business solutions and application hosting for both Vision and Vantagepoint. Full Sail Partners has received the Deltek Partner of the Year and the Marketing Excellence Award multiple times throughout our firm’s history. Keep Your Business on Course.

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