News | September 12, 2018

FSA Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Provides An Employer Toolkit For A Successful, Seamless Open Enrollment

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - FSA company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, provides an employer toolkit for a successful, seamless open enrollment.

Brokers know how critical open enrollment season is to their present—and future—success. Using the following toolkit can help ensure a successful open enrollment period that is seamless in nature.

The first component of the toolkit is adopting a timeline and plan of action. Planning tools such as email templates that emphasize clear, concise content can assist brokers with conveying complex benefit topics in a way that employees can easily grasp. Use a print kit that includes poster, flyer, and postcard templates to ensure employee ease-of-understanding. These templates should make it easy to type in open enrollment deadlines for HDHPs, HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs. Display posters and flyers by the coffee pot and water cooler, in break rooms, and hallways. Along with enrollment information about FSAs and HSAs, brokers should hang flyers which list eligible expenses.

The second item in a broker's toolkit is technology. Studies show that employees feel more valued—and are thus more productive and creative—when employers utilize mobile technology in the workplace. Brokers should make sure employees are as engaged with their benefits by offering an online platform with decision support tools to make the enrollment process seamless. The platform should be user-friendly and allow users 24/7 access at their convenience. The right technology will allow employees to easily compare coverage and simplify their benefit selection process. The platform should also offer the capability to be updated automatically so employees do not experience any interruptions in their service.

Communication is the final piece of a broker's toolkit. Even with the timeline, plan of action, and technology in place, these toolkit components will not prove successful without the proper methods of communication. Brokers must deliver benefits information during the entire open enrollment period in many formats, so all employees can comprehend it, no matter their age. Meetings, flyers, brochures, websites, emails, mobile apps, and social media are effective tools to relay pertinent information. Brokers should make themselves available to answer any questions and keep the lines of communication open beyond the open enrollment period.

About Clarity Benefit Solutions: Clarity Benefit Solutions provides technology that makes the health insurance plan selection process fast, easy, and straightforward. For over two decades, we have provided clients with industry-leading technology, compliance, and exceptional customer service. Our offering is designed to save time and lower the costs of managing benefits while also promoting employee self-service and automated ACA compliance.

SOURCE: Clarity Benefit Solutions

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