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Forward Expands Its Institutional Team With A New Hire For Consultant Outreach

Firm's Focus on Alternative Strategies Aligns With Institutional Trends

San Francisco, CA (GlobeNewswire) - Forward today announced the expansion of its dedicated institutional team with the hiring of Ann Cheu as Vice President for Consultant Relations. Ms. Cheu was most recently at Mercer Investment Consulting, where she was a Senior Associate.

With this new hire, Forward is aiming to grow its institutional client base by building on that segment's rising interest in alternative and outcome-oriented strategies. Forward's diverse product lineup includes 12 alternative strategies available as mutual funds or managed accounts, along with a variety of other specialized and niche approaches keyed to capital preservation, income generation, global exposure and advanced diversification objectives.

"As industry surveys show, institutions are increasingly concerned with the liquidity, transparency and risk management of their investments. They are also becoming more sensitive to fees as a factor undercutting return," said Forward CEO J. Alan Reid. "By offering hedge-style strategies in '40 Act funds, we're providing institutional investors with new options that may potentially improve the risk/reward profiles of their portfolios."

Institutions have been particularly receptive to Forward's commodity long/short, dividend, real estate, and emerging market offerings, said Reid. Forward also offers a set of asset allocation funds that bank trust departments and retirement plans can use to target specific client risk/reward profiles.

Forward's move to bolster its consultant outreach reflects the consulting community's integral role in institutional decision-making, said Clay Smudsky, President of Forward's institutional business. "Working closely with consultants is essential if you want to forge new institutional relationships, and that's doubly true given Forward's focus on strategies that transcend traditional style boxes," he commented. "Having Ann on board lets us increase our dialogue with consultants on how our strategies fit into institutional portfolios."
The firm currently serves more than a dozen major institutional clients including banks and bank trust departments, foundations and endowments, retirement plans and family offices. Mr. Smudsky said he plans to further expand Forward's institutional team in the coming months.

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Alternative strategies typically are subject to increased risk and loss of principal. Consequently, investments such as mutual funds which focus on alternative strategies are not suitable for all investors.

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