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Fama Releases New Guide To Help Businesses Improve Quality Of Hires

Largest Online Screening Company Provides New Insights for Evaluating Recruitment Strategies, Tactics, and Technologies that Deliver the Best Results

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) - Today, Fama, the innovator in online screening that makes hiring great people easy, is releasing its top tips to help businesses ensure they’re finding and placing quality hires. Now more than ever, today’s talent acquisition teams are navigating a challenging economic environment, including a fast-changing and uncertain labor market. According to a study from, only one in four companies say they would rehire 80-100% of the employees they hired in the past year. In order to place the right candidates in the right position, it’s critical that quality hires are identified, including the playbook for assessing candidates most effectively.

“As the provider of the solution for helping employers, search firms, and investors navigate the complexities of the hiring process, Fama is committed to delivering research and tools that can better support companies and identify the attributes that ensure they’re hiring the best person for the job,” said Ben Mones, CEO and Founder of Fama. “With this guide, we’re shedding new light on the lessons we’ve learned in assisting our community in finding quality candidates to improve retention, success, and productivity.”

Research from Aspect43 shows as many as one in five companies reported large numbers of new hires leaving within the first 60 days. Moreover, only 32% of organizations feel they effectively measure the quality of hire. In an effort to help recruiters and businesses alike, Fama’s guide helps companies evaluate the recruitment strategies, tactics, and technologies that all hiring teams can leverage for better outcomes.

Define quality of hire for each role: At the very beginning of each hiring process, it’s important for the hiring team to get on the same page about what will make a good-quality hire. Deciding what skills, experiences, credentials, and behaviors a candidate will need to succeed in the role and on the team is critical. When discussing behaviors, it’s important to include misconduct in the conversation so the hiring team has protocols in advance for how they will handle various types of misconduct issues that may be uncovered during the hiring process.

Structured Interviews: Structured interviews require candidates to be asked the same questions in the same order and usually by the same people to create a consistent and compliant means of evaluating candidates. Interviewers then use the same rubric for evaluating candidates.

Diversified Interview Panels: Having a diverse group of people interviewing and evaluating candidates helps employers gain several perspectives on each candidate, shows candidates how diverse the organization is, and allows the hiring team to see how candidates treat interviewers of different backgrounds. Considering diversity and inclusion is something nearly 90% of candidates care about, this can support talent attraction and engagement efforts, as well.

Evaluate Candidate Behavior: Understanding how candidates communicate, treat other people, and behave can help the hiring team look for candidates that can do the job and maximize the value for the team and organization.

Leverage Technology: HR Tech solutions like skills-based assessments, background checks, and online screening solutions can assist hiring teams during the pre-employment screening process to help evaluate and select the best candidate - much faster and more compliant than people can. Fama’s AI technology searches over 10,000 online public sources to detect misconduct like fraud, violence, theft, and other illegal activities that are detrimental to the workplace.

“In addition to the right screening practices and platform, we recognize that finding the right hire begins with the right hiring process,” said Freesia Chen, VP of People at Fama. “At Fama, we don't have an individual decision maker for hiring, we take a collaborative approach that includes a panel of team members who ensure we have a consensus for every new hire. We’ve seen the impact of this approach first-hand for building an inclusive culture and maximizing employee retention.”

For a deeper dive into the Fama Quality of Hire Guide, visit and attend the free Webinar next Wednesday, August 9, to learn more.

About Fama
Fama is the innovator in online screening that makes hiring great people easy. Combining Fama’s groundbreaking AI technology and ability to integrate across the HR Tech stack, the solution compliantly searches 10,000 online public sources to help companies avoid workplace misconduct, prevent costly legal action and ultimately, make better decisions. By modernizing candidate screening and due diligence, Fama helps organizations, agencies, and investors improve the quality of hires, make the most of each investment and build successful businesses.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Fama is FCRA, EEOC, and SOC2 compliant and integrates with major HRIS, ATS, and background check solutions. To learn more, visit

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