News | January 24, 2023

Everee Introduces White-Label Payroll Solution To Help Businesses Launch Payroll Systems With Ease

Everee's modern, white-label payroll solution gives vertical SaaS and workforce platforms the ability to launch payroll products within weeks while growing revenue immediately

Salt Lake City, UT /PRNewswire/ - Everee, a leading payroll technology company upending the two-week pay cycle, today announced the launch of its white-label payroll solution, which gives companies the ability to launch payroll products for customers in as little as four weeks. This offering allows them to accelerate growth by becoming the one-stop shop their customers expect.

"Traditionally, when a company decides to build payroll from scratch, it's costly and time consuming, which is less than ideal for businesses that are looking to quickly add new revenue streams, especially considering the current economic climate," said Brett Barlow, Everee CEO. "We're seeing that customers today want all-in-one solutions, so our white-label product exists to help businesses quickly launch payroll their customers will love, in a timeframe that makes sense for their business and growth goals."

Everee's white-label offering boasts a fully branded payroll application, single sign-on, and flexible APIs for integrations with existing labor and user data, so clients can seamlessly move between native experiences and the new payroll product. Companies can go live with their payroll solution in four to six weeks without complicated operations to solve for.

Because this offering is pre-built with Everee's existing technology, companies are also able to enjoy benefits including:

  • A differentiated payroll that gives clients the ability to pay workers instantly and access flexible lines of credit to improve cash flow.
  • Embeddable workflows such as tax document information collection and worker onboarding.
  • Backend operation management including payment processing, tax calculations, filings and remittance, tax document delivery, and TIN verification.
  • Payment solutions for both 1099 and W-2 workers.

"We built our white-label solution because we had vertical SaaS and workforce platforms coming to us looking for a payroll-in-a-box offering," said Piers Mainwaring, Everee Chief Innovation Officer. "We know firsthand how complex it is to build payroll software. We designed our white-label product so partners can go to market quickly with little dev work, but it also has the flexibility to automate and integrate with APIs and embeddable components for custom deployments."

Everee's white-label gives a fresh, easy-to-use payroll product that suits business needs while integrating directly with existing tools. It also gives companies the tools to act as a demand gen lever in order to capture new clients and create more awareness in the market. To learn more about this product, visit:

About Everee
Everee is a payroll technology company that makes it simple to pay people instantly. Started in 2018 by financial leaders who wanted to disrupt the two-week pay cycle and build a user-friendly alternative to outdated payroll software, Everee's full-service platform and white-label payroll solution boasts flexible APIs, embeddable components, and payroll finance, allowing companies to onboard and pay contingent workers at scale without cash flow challenges. For more information, visit

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