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Employee Benefit Administration Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Explains The Importance Of Educating Employees About Benefits

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Employee benefit administration company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, explains the importance of educating employees about benefits.

For many employees, choosing the proper benefits plan can be an overwhelming and daunting process, especially for those just entering the workforce. This can result in uninformed health care decisions that ultimately lead to dissatisfied employees. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly educate employees on the health benefits available to them so they can make the most informed decisions for their specific situation.

Once employees are enrolled in a health plan, employers need to provide them with a summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) as well as summary plan description documents (SPDs). Make sure these documents are readily accessible to employees by putting them on the company intranet and in the HR department. Hold a meeting or a company lunch to explain to employees what these documents entail. Present all benefits information in a variety of formats, such as social media, email, and posters/pamphlets. Employees absorb information in many different ways.

Next, employers need to provide their employees with the proper tools to determine the proper plan that will best suit their wants and needs. If there is not an HR employee well versed on this information, employers should have a benefits professional readily available to address questions and concerns employees may have regarding plan specifics, budgetary concerns, and coverage. It is also important to follow up to make sure employees are satisfied with their healthcare choices.

Ensure that employees understand the entire scope of their plan. For example, if a plan includes programs such as telemedicine options or disease management, make sure they are aware of these options. It is vital that employees are fully aware and engaged in getting the most out of their health care package.

Technology can also play an important role in employee education. Offering an online portal can assist employees in maximizing their benefits. They can access information 24/7 and discuss options with family members. Employees may not have the time or desire to learn about available benefits during the workday.

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Clarity Benefit Solutions provides technology that makes the health insurance plan selection process fast, easy, and straightforward. For over two decades, we have provided clients with industry-leading technology, compliance, and exceptional customer service. Our offering is designed to save time and lower the costs of managing benefits while also promoting employee self-service and automated ACA compliance.

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