News | February 22, 2013

EmLogis Now Offers Online Employee Scheduling Software Which Saves 10-22% Off Payroll Costs

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Companies are now using EmLogis for employee scheduling software to reduce time and cut payroll costs.

(PRWEB) - EmLogis is proud to announce that they have developed scheduling software that has been proven to reduce payroll cost. Employee scheduling software can be a lot of things to a number of people in a business organization. For the supervisor or person doing employee scheduling online, it can mean the difference between hours of stress and tedium or minutes using an easy to use solution - organized and under control. For the employee it can mean the ability to see their schedule wherever and whenever they need to see it, to request a shift swap or work-in-place, to request time off, bid on an open shift or update their availability - from their phone. For the manager, it can mean they have visibility into what their costs are and why. Executives are looking for ways to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs that translate to the bottom line and make their company more competitive and secure. Now, many of those types of executives are relying on the new EmLogis solution!

EmLogis’ philosophy as expressed by VP of Product Management, Mark Kirkland is “EmLogis’ optimization engine simultaneously optimizes schedules for cost, overtime, employee preferences and schedule quality. Through its workflow engine and mobile connectivity, the EmLogis solution instantly connects supervisor and employee saving both time and hassle and making it a very easy to use online staff scheduling solution. And its fully-integrated Business Activity Optimization engine, that drives its Industry Add-On solutions, allows businesses to coordinate both human and physical resources with the activities required to support their customer’s needs and expectations. All of this can be accessed from any internet connected device – employees can even feed their schedules and all updates to their personal calendars in Outlook, Gmail and even Facebook. In short, it is a balanced and complete solution that takes into account the needs of all the stakeholders.”

EmLogis’ easy to use employee scheduling provides a marked contrast to traditional methods of handling scheduling tasks. In the traditional world, a phone call from an employee reporting off sick can trigger a long ordeal of phone calls for the supervisor to try to fill the vacancies created. EmLogis’ online workflow technology allows the supervisor to create and post in seconds a list of the right employees to cover the job. While the supervisor is using the time saved to do all of the other things on his plate, the employees can respond from their computer, tablet, smart phone or even ordinary phone. When the supervisor next checks his workflow feed, he can chose whose bid for the job to accept, again in seconds.

Businesses can now get off of antiquated manual scheduling and move to online staff scheduling with the support of all levels of their organization, while saving many times the cost of doing so.

Employee scheduling online with EmLogis is the 21st Century way to do business.

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