Controller Staff Selector

To evaluate the bookkeeping, analytical reasoning and
To evaluate the bookkeeping, analytical reasoning and detail skills necessary for successful performance as a Controller.

General Description
The test, from which a seven-page report is provided to the client, consists of instruments measuring the following:
numerical skills
problem solving and logic ability
attention to detail
knowledge of common office terminology
verbal communication skills
memory for words, numbers, names and faces
ingenious problem solving
reasoning skills
bookkeeping skills
computer aptitude
business judgment
supervisory practices
innate desire to work with other people
emotional stability
an in-depth selection of measures of career/lifestyle factors. Some of these are preference for practical problem solving; preference for analytical problem solving, artistic sensitivity, preference for working with others, self-assurance and determination.

Test administration
The test requires only clerical supervision to administer, and takes approximately 3 hours 46 minutes to complete. The timed tests must be precisely timed. The untimed tests require no supervision except to ensure that all questions are answered. Candidates should be given the tests in a relatively quiet environment. More then one person can be tested at one time. It is important that the timed tests be timed to the second. Once the candidate begins, the test is self-instructive.

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