News | October 4, 2021

Conduct Structured Interviews Within Microsoft Teams Using SHL's Smart Application

SHL's Latest Innovation To Help Customers Simplify Their Calendar And Interviews Through A Single Platform

London /PRNewswire/ - SHL, the global leader in people science, announced its latest innovation that allows recruiters to have structured interviews in Microsoft (MS) Teams. In an effort to continue developing more efficient systems of interviewing, SHL developed the MS Teams application that simplifies the day-to-day life of recruiters and hiring managers. SHL had earlier announced integration of their Smart Interview Solutions with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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More than a year after the pandemic hit the world, 70% of recruiters and hiring managers prefer to keep most of their hiring process virtual. Remote hiring is the future of HR and requires a seamless process to maintain a great candidate experience. SHL's MS Teams App is a significant step towards building a smart and convenient hiring solution.

Commenting on the new App, Brenden Mielke, SHL's Chief Product Officer said, "We are constantly looking for ways of improving customer experience. Our innovations are built out of their requirements. Since most of us continue to operate remotely, managing multiple windows, calendars etc. becomes difficult."

SHL's MS Teams App is like a personal interviewing assistant with MS Teams that takes care of all your recruiting activities while seamlessly integrating with other MS applications like the calendar and notifications. Interviewers can now schedule structured, consistent interviews, take interview notes, and give scores on MS Teams itself.

"Integration with MS Teams makes the process simple for the professionals and allows them to take interviews, collaborate and make decisions in an objective and structured manner." Mr. Mielke added.

It becomes extremely easy to collaborate with teammates for informed hiring decisions by sharing reports and feedback.

This is a classic example of SHL's on-the-go innovations that aim to simplify technology and make it user-friendly. Hiring and nurturing the right talent becomes a breeze when technology powered by deep people science acts as a catalyst to the entire process.

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