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ClearCompany Enhances Workforce Efficiency With Two New Payroll Integrations

These API integrations enable clients to save time, reduce manual efforts, and maintain data accuracy effortlessly.

Boston /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - ClearCompany, the talent management platform that empowers HR to maximize talent throughout the employee lifecycle, today announced the release of a new integration with UKG Ready and expanded integration with Paylocity. These new releases are now available in ClearCompany's extensive marketplace of partners and integrations, which allows clients to build their ideal HR software ecosystem. The integrations also mark a significant milestone in ClearCompany's goal of streamlining organizational processes, offering seamless data synchronization, and enhancing overall operational efficiency for their clients.

The integration with UKG Ready allows organizations to automatically populate and update their data in ClearCompany to remain aligned with the UKG Ready System of Record (SoR). This connection guarantees accurate data availability and eliminates the manual effort required to update essential information such as employee details, roles, supervisors, and more. The new UKG Ready integration accompanies the existing integration between ClearCompany and UKG, which allows clients to simplify payroll setup for new hires from ClearCompany Applicant Tracking and Onboarding and synchronizes employee data between both systems.

In a parallel development, ClearCompany has also established a bidirectional integration with Paylocity, linking important employee data between the two systems to simplify payroll set-up and enhance talent management practices. New hire data captured in ClearCompany is automatically and immediately transferred to the Paylocity System of Record. Data for all employees maintained in Paylocity SoR is updated and automatically sent to ClearCompany to power talent management activities in the platform. This integration streamlines the onboarding process and ensures data consistency across both platforms.

Both integrations enable automatic data transfers, eliminating the need for manual updates, offering significant time savings, and reducing the risk of errors. Thanks to simplified workflows and less time burden on HR and other internal teams, ClearCompany clients can focus on their strategic talent management initiatives.

"Our integrations with UKG Ready and Paylocity represent a significant leap forward in empowering organizations with the tools they need to drive efficiency," said Christie Hickman, ClearCompany's Director of Strategic Partners. "By seamlessly synchronizing data in ClearCompany with these leading platforms, we're providing our users with a powerful solution that not only saves time and resources but also ensures the accuracy and consistency of critical workforce information."

For more than two decades, ClearCompany has been committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower their clients to simplify their workflows so they can achieve their missions. The integrations with UKG Ready and Paylocity are a testament to this commitment, providing ClearCompany users with a robust and efficient solution for managing their workforce data seamlessly.

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