Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Cigna Financial Services

Source: CIGNA Insurance Company
Cigna Financial Services For years, CIGNA has been in the business of helping people save for the future. At CIGNA Financial Services, Inc., we understand the importance of investing for future needs -- retirement, a new home or college education. So we offer an array of products and services designed to provide you with flexibility, convenience and low cost to help you manage your personal investments. You can reach us easily at our toll-free number, 1.888.CIGNA.FS (1.888.244.6237).

Discount Brokerage

  • Offers a wide array of investment choices, including hundreds of no-load funds.
  • Provides a variety of services so you can conveniently manage your investments.
  • Lets you save money with discounted commissions.

Retirement Plan Distribution Options

  • Helps you to decide what to do with the money from your retirement plan upon retiring, beginning a new job, starting your own business or leaving your job for any reason.