News | July 24, 2019

Backgrounds Online Announces A Partnership With BambooHR, An Award-Winning Software Solutions Provider

This partnership facilitates the seamless management and oversight of the entire hiring process.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) - Backgrounds Online - - a prominent provider of background checks and screening solutions, is excited to partner with BambooHR and offer integrated background check services through their highly respected Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

This partnership enables Human Resources professionals to control the entire hiring process via the same software they rely on for their daily workflow. After integrating with Backgrounds Online, BambooHR can be used to request a background check, obtain status notifications for pending orders and receive results notifications with a direct link to review their candidate’s report.

“Backgrounds Online empowers organizations to make informed decisions, maintain safe work environments and protect their brand,” said CEO Chris Ballas. “By integrating with BambooHR, we are providing a singular tool that simplifies and manages hiring from beginning to end.”

How It Works
Employers who use BambooHR can quickly and easily integrate with a Backgrounds Online screening account. Preferred notifications and other settings can be setup and saved instantly with messages and alerts delivered directly to the BambooHR platform.

Backgrounds Online offers the option for organizations to have candidates and employees submit their own information. Once a background check is ordered, the candidate receives a personalized email with a secure link that prompts them to provide the details needed to authorize and submit a background check. This saves company time, helps facilitate compliance requirements and prevents common data entry errors.

Background checks typically take 1–3 business days to complete. The status of each order will be available via BambooHR, and users receive both an email notification and a BambooHR update when the background check is completed. The notification will also show if the background check contains information that may warrant additional review and a link to the full report.

“Running background checks is an essential responsibility for every employer,” commented Chris Ballas. “It demonstrates you are performing due diligence to look for serious criminal offenses while taking important steps to ensure the people you hire are qualified and likely to succeed.”

Tens of thousands of organizations already use BambooHR software. Integrating with Backgrounds Online establishes a single platform from which they can oversee every step of the hiring process—from reviewing a job application to onboarding.

Background Screening For Any Industry
Backgrounds Online provides convenient background check packages that work for a variety of positions. The company also offers a suite of screening solutions to help organizations customize their background check packages. These packages can be perfectly tailored to fulfill the requirements of any industry, saved, and run again at any time.

Both pre-set and custom packages can be selected and ordered directly through BambooHR.

About BambooHR
BambooHR is all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses and the people who work in them. Our software makes it easy for HR professionals to collect, maintain, and analyze people data, improve the way they hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and develop their company culture. It’s designed to set organizations free to focus on what matters most—their people. To find out more, visit or follow us on Twitter at @bamboohr.

About Backgrounds Online
Backgrounds Online has 20 years of experience as a leader in the background screening industry. We are a service-first company that helps clients develop fair and transparent screening policies. Every member of Backgrounds Online’s processing team earns their FCRA certification and the company is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). For more information, visit

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