Avante Group chooses Alliant Diagnostics for drug testing needs

Source: Alliant Diagnostics
Boca Raton, FL – March 1, 2002 Avante Group is one of the largest nursing home conglomerates on the east coast. Avante has recently opened 2 nursing homes to add their already 16 homes. These new homes are only the beginning of a plan to double the existing number of facilities over the next few years. Alliant Diagnostics is providing a combination of on-site and lab confirmation drug screens to meet Avante's rapidly increasing need to screen new and existing employees.

"Avante's choice to use Alliant Diagnostics as its drug screening specialist substantiates our presence in this important market and creates a channel for cross selling new components as our product scope broadens in the future," said Jared Robinson, President of Alliant Diagnostics, Inc.

All 18 of the Avante facilities employ a staff of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants. "In the healthcare business, as more employers are held liable for failing to protect workers and patients from on-the-job accidents, companies like Avante are hiring outside parties, like us, to evaluate security risks," Robinson added.

Alliant Diagnostics is an occupation and clinical screening specialist. Alliant helps companies mitigate risk and negligent hiring by creating safe work environments through drug screening, background investigations, workplace safety consultation, and employment policy creation. In a time where employers want to know how much they're at risk and what danger signs to watch for, Alliant Diagnostics is the solution to a safer working world.

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