Company Profile | May 12, 2000

Ascentis Software

Source: Ascentis Software
Ascentis Software Ascentis® Corporation was founded in 1994 with the vision of providing comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions for employee benefit and human resource information management. These solutions are designed to be connected throughout the enterprise, serving managers, employees and external vendors of benefit and payroll services.

Ascentis was founded by David Snodgrass, Jody Snodgrass, and Dwight Matheny. David has an extensive background in employee benefits; has built a successful benefits administration business; and has worked with hundreds of employers and benefits consultants on HR and benefits administration issues over the past 20 years. Jody and Dwight had 16 years of combined experience at Microsoft. They were involved in the design, development and marketing of numerous successful software applications and operating systems products while at Microsoft.

Charles D'Ambrosia (Chuck) joined the company in late 1997 as its Chief Executive Officer. Chuck is an experienced "high tech" CEO and has been instrumental in the development of two successful software and hardware companies in the Seattle area. He has broad experience in sales and marketing as well as executive management experience.

The company has built a team of very experienced and talented software engineers to develop HROffice and has proven its ability to develop commercial quality Windows software. Ascentis currently has customers across the United States actively using HROffice.