Aptitude Assessment Battery Programming

To evaluate the aptitude and potential of candidates, at all experience
Author: Jack M. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Date introduced: 1968
Administration time: an average of 3 hours
Price: $290. For substantial quantity discounts, call for quote.
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Also available: Wolfe-Spence Programming Aptitude Test
W-APT Programming Aptitude Test

To evaluate the aptitude and potential of candidates, at all experience levels, for their suitability for all aspects of applications programming.

General Description
The AABP is used for assessing your candidate's technical ability and work habits for applications programming positions. It can be used for candidates with or without prior programming training. The test functions independently of programming language and computer hardware knowledge. It answers the question, "How good a programmer is this candidate likely to be, and why?"

The AABP is neither an IQ nor a personality test. It simulates on-the-job assignments. Consisting of five problems, it permits evaluations of candidates' abilities to:

draw deductions with the aid of simple calculations.
understand the kind of complicated instructions that are found in programming reference manuals.
understand complicated specifications, statements written succinctly, without further explanation.
reason with symbols according to their specific definitions.
annotate and document their work so that other programmers can follow their reasoning easily.
desk-check and debug their work carefully.

Most tests now in use consist of many short questions. They do not evaluate applicants' aptitudes for protracted concentration or long step-sequencing. The intelligent applicant, who thinks quickly, may do well on such tests, but still may not have real aptitude for programming work. The AABP recognizes that such programming work also requires extensive and meticulous concentration on detail, and evaluates applicants accordingly.

Positions for which the test is appropriate
This test will effectively measure programming potential for entry-level trainees and experienced candidates in the following positions.

Applications Programmer Trainee
Junior Applications Programmer
Intermediate Applications Programmer
Senior Applications Programmer

Job Requirements and Activities
The AABP test has been used by over 2,000 client organizations to evaluate a candidate's potential for work as an Applications Programmer. Extensive surveys have been conducted by our organization in conjunction with several client organizations to define the job requirements (traits) and job activities (duties).

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