News | January 30, 2020

Apex Human Capital Management Transitions To The Microsoft Azure Cloud

Roswell, GA (PRWEB) - Apex HCM, a leader in payroll and human capital management technology, today announced a new version of Employer OnDemand and the move to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The new capabilities introduced in the release and adoption of Microsoft Azure enable higher productivity, increased reliability, improved performance, and provides additional browser choices to the end user. Leveraging continuous innovation from Microsoft supports our development today, and our product vision for the future. Microsoft’s embedded best in class security from the ground up, backed by a team of Microsoft experts, and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises worldwide provides an additional layer of protection. The following advantages will be delivered to Apex HCM Payroll Service Bureaus by the transition to the Azure cloud:

  • Increased System Reliability and Availability
  • Immediate Scalability and Bursts for Payroll Processing
  • Improved Application Performance
  • Progressive Security Strategies
  • Operation Resiliency and Redundancy Improvements

Robert Digby, CEO, Apex HCM, commented, “Building a resilient platform that is 'always on' while optimizing core software and infrastructure that enables reliability, scalability, and availability for our Payroll Service Bureaus, their clients, and employees.” Digby continued, “with migrating to Microsoft Azure we are already seeing Payroll Service Bureau’s and end client satisfaction with exponential system performance improvements.”

Kevin Lenahan, CIO, Apex HCM noted, “Microsoft Azure will have a fundamental impact of the agility of our business allowing us to focus on building our product, instead of building a private cloud infrastructure.” Lenahan continued, “Apex HCM, combined with Microsoft Azure, will make Payroll Service Providers even more efficient in a scalable, safe and secure environment, and provide their customers with a better experience."

About Apex HCM
Apex® HCM is a market leader in cloud‐based payroll and HR software technology and used by over 300 payroll service firms and vendors nationally. Apex’s customizable suite of products and services include payroll, payroll, tax, human capital management, applicant tracking and onboarding, time and attendance, reporting, manager and employee self‐service, ACA compliance, mobile apps, workers’ compensation, payroll debit cards and other business management tools normally reserved for large enterprises, now available to any business size. Apex’s cutting‐edge, cloud‐based technology allows its customers to effectively compete feature‐for‐feature with larger established firms while dramatically improving their workforce productivity.

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