Alliant Diagnostics Adds IHOP to Lab-Based and Occupational Screening Clientele

Source: Alliant Diagnostics
Boca Raton, FL – June 11, 2003 Alliant Diagnostics confirmed that the final negotiations for a two-year contract as the lab and background service providers for the giant IHOP restaurant chain – FMS Management Corporation are complete.

"We are excited to be doing business with one of the largest franchise restaurant management firms in the U.S.", said Jared Robinson, president of Alliant Diagnostics. "Lab-based drug testing is a safe, hands-off way for businesses to handle drug testing and safeguard against workplace hazards", he added.

The IHOP restaurant chain is run by FMS Management and extends Alliant's current customer base of restaurant customers.

The two-year contract includes the drug screening services for all employees and background checks for all management level employees.

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