News | July 6, 2012

ACD Selects HR Fix As Employment Law Compliance Partner

ACD announced that it has chosen HR Fix as its employment law compliance partner. HR Fix provides ACD with outstanding solutions for Web-Based Compliance Training, Online HR Library, Real-Time Regulatory Updates, Employer Consultation, Employee Hotline, Administrative Assistance, and Background Checks.

HR Fix helps ACD maximize productivity and profits by ensuring that the company remains compliant, minimizing employee problems, and avoiding litigation. With decades of experience, HR Fix's online compliance and communication tool significantly reduces ACD's risk and cost.

"ACD tries to be proactive in all areas of our business, and HR Fix gives us a platform to maintain compliance as well as to support employee training and enrichment," said W. Scott Fillebrown, President & CEO.

HR Fix created a Web-based compliance and communication tool designed to help employers achieve an affirmative defense and drastically improve communication between the ownership, management and work force. The company provides compliance and communication services to more than 17,000 users in 32 states. Last year HR Fix completed more than 250,000 online training programs. For more information about HR Fix, visit